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Walking isn't just good exercise, it's also a great way to enjoy yourself, getting out into the country and hiking. Our site should satisfy both beginners and experienced hikers - with plenty of guidance about the gear you'll need for walking, tips on the best way to walk and stay healthy and what to do in case of an emergency.
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Experienced Walkers
Experienced Walkers: Questionnaire: Why Do You Hike?, The Great NZ...
Navigation: The Value of OS Maps When Hiking, Orienteering and Hiking, Hiking in...
Types of Hiking
Types of Hiking: Enjoying Urban Hiking, What is Bouldering?, Hiking With the...
Walking & Health
Walking & Health: Hiking for Older People, How To Take Care Of Your Feet When Hiking,...
Walking Clubs & Groups
Walking Clubs & Groups: Starting a Walking Club, The Rambling Revolution:...
Walking Equipment
Walking Equipment: Protective Clothing for Walkers, A Hiking Emergency Survival Kit,...
Walking for Beginners
Walking for Beginners: How Popular is Hiking?, Wainwright and the Lake...
Walking Holidays
Walking Holidays: The Appalachian Trail: The Great American Hike, Planning Hiking...
Walks in the UK
Walks in the UK: The Saxon Shore Walk, The Coast to Coast Walk, Walking in the Lake...
Latest Comments
  • WalkingAndHiking
    Re: Join A Walking Club
    capony - Your Question:Please can you tell me how to join a hiking club? Many thanks.Our Response:
    27 March 2018
  • capony
    Re: Join A Walking Club
    Please can you tell me how to join a hiking club? Many thanks.
    25 March 2018
  • Nicola
    Re: What Food Should You Take Hiking?
    OAT PORRIDGE BIRCHERS seem popular at the moment. Good source of low GI energy.
    19 March 2018
  • Temporary Steve
    Re: How to Choose Walking Shoes and Hiking Boots
    Hi, I am trying to find an excellent, all-purpose, all-terrain, everyday trainer foir 24/7 use. For - walking…
    8 March 2018
  • Trying my best
    Re: Walking for Fitness: A Plan
    Hi Coralie. I can highly recommend regatta blister socks. Have tried lots of more expensive and cheaper varieties but these win…
    20 February 2018
  • WalkingAndHiking
    Re: Walking for Fitness: A Plan
    Coralie - Your Question:Hi, 1st time on this site! I walked up Moel Famau a couple of years ago and was in agony with toenails, 4…
    20 February 2018
  • Coralie
    Re: Walking for Fitness: A Plan
    Hi, 1st time on this site! I walked up Moel Famau a couple of years ago and was in agony with toenails, 4 of which fell off. I want…
    16 February 2018
  • Dave
    Re: Join A Walking Club
    What insurance is advisable for a walking group? We are constituted as a club , with an annual subscription and a constitution, but we do…
    5 January 2018
  • Stainless
    Re: Daysacks and Hydration Packs
    THE INEFFICIENT BACKPACK Your body produces efficient forward motion by performing a horizontal pendulum motion, yet most…
    28 September 2017
  • Soldier Boy
    Re: Hiking for Older People
    Do lots of walking for charity and have committed myself to 1000kms in under 30 days in the not too distant future. Apart from changing…
    2 June 2017
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